It depends on a number of factors, the size and complexity of the project, what information you can supply and how quickly it can be supplied. Ordinarily, for shorter, generic content [ of less than 500 words ] 72 Hours. For larger, more complex or technical projects that requires in-depth research or interviews, it will take longer [ much longer ], but as a rule of thumb, 2 weeks or more. A deadline will always be agreed with you during our initial discussions or at the briefing stage before the creative process begins.

During the briefing and research stages, we will ask you questions such as who, what, why, when and how. Also the background information about your company and/or your product or service, examples of your previous advertising and any other info that we may find relevant would be part of our conversation. The more information and material you would be able to provide, the better the end result. And last but not least, your input with regards to the tone of voice, style of writing, proposed structure, mandatory inclusions, topics to be avoided would be of paramount importance.

    • Can we make changes to our briefing?

    If those changes are within the scope of the original brief, and are required during the development stage or during the revision of the 1st draft, yes. It will not be possible to request changes during the [ 2nd ] development stage, or after the final [ 2nd ] draft is submitted. Any significant changes would be considered an entirely new brief and charged accordingly. If this happens there would be no refund of the initial project fees.

    • Who is the owner of the content?

    You. As the contracting party, you will get the full ownership of the content once the project is satisfactorily completed and all outstanding fees [ if any ] paid for.

As a rule of thumb, for generic content that promotes and describes your business, occupation or offers, a minimum fee of 125 USD is the starting point, that covers the writing up to, but not above 500 words of content. The same amount would be charged for any 500 words or part of, thereafter. Any sum above the 125 USD would be paid on the basis of a 50% retainer with the remainder upon completion of the project. - Please take these prices as a reference only, and do not consider them [ nor do we provide them ] as binding. Also, if your project requires complex technical writing, expect the prices to be significantly higher and any pricing quotes for technical writing would be provided only after a comprehensive and clear briefing is submitted.

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