It is free for the following : WDaaS Packages, all Web Hosting Packages, Domain Names related requests, SSL Installation and BackUp & Storage. It is optional 'fee based' for : CMS Web Development, E-Commerce Web Development, Custom Web Development Packages and ALL other technical support related requests. With the exception of SEO | SERP Optimization [ which is free for SEO and Organic listings ] , All Online Marketing, Content Writing, PCI Certification, and IaaS/SaaS Logistics services are contract based and subject to a commonly agreed 'fees based' Service Level Agreement/Contract. Therefore, what type of support would be available for the aforementioned services depends on what was jointly agreed upon, and would be clearly stated in their accompanying Service Level Agrement. Ready to take the plunge? There's a large collection of D.I.Y. Knowledge Base articles and Video Tutorial available for all of our clients in our community site. However, we recommend a 'hybrid' approach for any management tasks especially at the beginning. Once you are 100% confident that you can D.I.Y. Go for it. We would be always just a click away, should you need us.

While we do not impose paid assistance upon anyone, we do offer it as an option for whenever one might need it. The decisive factors when such a service would be beneficial varies from one client's circumstance to another and are outside of our remit. At the same time we do not impose the time span during which, nor the frequency of when such services may be needed. Again is up to you the customer. That's why we offer a flexible support package for 3 | 6 | 9 | 12 Months duration or a Prepaid / Task one. Each quarterly or so on, support package has a pre-set number of 'time slots' that is calculated based on the average time it takes to complete a task. A prepaid [ per task ] package has 2 'time slots'. A task may require one of several 'time slots' to be completed depending on what is it. For example, optimizing and uploading a certain number of photos, videos etc. or changes to, content, adding pages, setting up various forms and so on, might take one 'time slot'. On the other hand, setting up 40 new products and uploading their relevant content, or 20 properties on a realty site and so forth, will consume a number greater than one of those 'time slots'. In all cases the amount of 'time slots' necessary to complete a task would be quoted once a request for support was submitted.

The most important aspect of an Instructor Led Training [ ILT ] course is that the learners have real-time access to the instructor for feedback and discussion. An ILT course includes well structured learning material, a chance to hold discussions, individual and group activities, and hands-on skills practice that maintains high levels of engagement. Also, studies show that ILT courses have lower abandonment rates and the highest confidence among its participants. Now, about our courses. The content is modular. Each module covers 3 to 7 topics [ depending on the complexity of the tasks covered ] and the duration of each is between 30' to 60'. A level I Course includes 2/4 modules. A level II Course includes 8 modules. Both [ provided that the commitment of each participant is appropriate to the tasks involved ] would be more than enough to achieve proficiency on the skill set covered. The content of the skill sets covered by each module would be discussed and set jointly with the client so it will complement and at the same time enhance his/her skills and abilities. Each course is provided via Zoom video conferencing platform each Thursday between 0900 : 1100 AM | Local Time. Each course would have a maximum of 4 participants requiring the achievement of the same level of proficiency. Places on this course are booked by the local course administrator solely on the recommendation of our consultants and the content provided would be the one jointly agreed.

Access to all customer support tools [ without exceptions ] is granted per user, once an account with Webgo Network is created. An account, is created by our tech support team at the recommandation of our consultants at the end of the consulting session, or automatically granted once a purchase of, and payment for any products and services we offer, has been completed.

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