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It is an internet advertising model in which you pay a sum of money every time your ads are clicked. When someone starts a search using relevant keywords that are related to your advertisement, then your paid for ad, "might" be shown at the top or on the side of the search results pages.

If you are a start-up, no. Anyone who tells you otherwise is only after your money. That being said, depending on your company size, allocated budget and competition it might be. In either case without a proper understanding of what does it require to be successful, it would be just a waste of money.

Essentially, as much as you want it to. Some will quote you thousands to tens of thousands a month. That is really how much they hope to commit you to spend with NO real justification [ to put it nicely ]. No one, could realistically give you a quote in advance, without knowing a lot of information about your business, location, competition, market, product and/or services you offer, etc. And even then, that would be at best an estimate. On the other hand, if really justified, you can create some test campaigns, spend a few hundred dollars for a few months, and if you find that you’re getting a good return on your investment from your PPC Campaign investment [ for each 1$ on advertising you should get at least 10$ in sales ], you might as well spend more to make more.

Often, businesses consider both PPC Campaigns and SERP Optimization as two similar or competing channels. While there is no denying that they both involve appearing on, and getting clicks from, search engines, they are neither. They are two very different channels and whenever possible, should be part of your wider digital marketing strategy. The two can, and should [ if properly setup ], work together effectively to drive success online. Try to avoid comparing these two channels and see both as vital parts of driving business growth.

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