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Traditional marketing uses offline channels, like billboards, newspapers, radio and tv ads, while an online marketing strategy may involve the use of social media, newsletters and SERPs optimization for organic and paid listings, to promote a business and its offerings. The traditional advertising cost is significantly higher than that of an Online Marketing campaign. Also, targeting cost effectively the desired audience, is much easier online than with the traditional channels.

Online marketing [ regardless of the technics and the channels used ] if done right, should generate more leads, improve the quality of website traffic, increase your social media followers, make your brand more visible, or drive more purchases. Regardless of your goals, make them work. How? - Decide which digital marketing techniques or channels you want to use. The use of multiple channels, performs better because it reaches users across email, search, social media, and more. The most important ones are Social Media, SERPs Optimization [ for both organic and paid PPC listings ] and E-Mail Marketing.

To achieve tangible results you'll either need to master the inner working of various technology platforms [ the long, and tedious way ], or hire [ if expediency and targeted audience require it ], a third party provider of Online Marketing services. For the DIY types [ amongst our clients ] we offer them access to various platforms [ the same ones we use ] designed to help them make smarter marketing decisions and get real-time analysis on how their website is performing, what their competitors are up to, and what marketing strategies work best in their industry. Also, there is a plethora of tutorials on our knowledge base on how to use those tools and what it can be achieved by using them.

For those interested on hiring us, we operate a very simple two stages engagement process. One is the KYC - Know Your Customer, first. It will help us understand your goals, and see if we can realistically help you. The other is the Proposal. An offer for any Online Marketing services, with a very well defined scope, time frame and cost, in the form of a binding Service Level Agreement. It will help you understand our offer, and allow you, to decide on the next steps.

Well, the short answer is that we share our digital marketing expertise and tools, with business owners to help them achieve their goals and grow their business. The long and somewhat more complicated answer depends on the nature of the project. We guess it could be simmered down to what we offer. A combination of unbiased ongoing strategy, planning and consultation. Throw in some product specialization and knowledge of all the smaller bits and pieces required to achieve tangible results, and you have some idea of how we could really assist you.

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